Friday, 30 January, 2009


Chapter 9 - Manufactured Substances in Industry (WORKSHEET)


praveen said...

cikgu.. mcm mane nak dptkan notes topik-topik lain???
5 Alfa

! anto@AZIM~mabmj~ said...

thank sir, this is usefull to me. Hope u can add the others here ^_^

from: azim

Alvin said...

Sir, I think your teaching is very good and I can understand what u teach...
However, I think you should be more patient with students who don't understand and cannot answer the question being asked by you. If their basic knowledge is weak you can help them by explaining to them. Students being weak in basic knowledge, may at times cause you to raise your voice. When this occurs we as students will be stressed and terrified of asking questions although we don’t understand. I hope sir you would not take to heart or be offended as I think it is beneficial for both the teacher and students...

~DoCToR~ said...

Since I'm an Ex student,i guess i am entitle for my own opinion as well..

1stly,your teaching methods are certainly obsolete..Reasons?
Constant drilling and forcing people who are not interested in studying would prove futile and caused good students to be left behind time..

2ndly,extra classes on Saturday to cover education syllabus is certainly not going to help as many people would not even bother to go such classes..

3rdly,notes are NOT REQUIRED in achieving success in SPM or anything at all..Its the exercise,practical and most importantly,knowledge who will decide whether you score or not..

I could comment 10 pages and yet it would be the same..

Therefore,its my point to tell that certain methods and styles used by you are obsolete and should be replaced in near and coming future..

Thanks for the reading the comment..