Wednesday, 28 January, 2009


  • Candidate has a very good knowledge and understanding in chemistry. He/she master all the facts and concepts in chemistry
  • The explanation given is accurate, short and precise
  • Candidate use the chemical terms and spelling correctly
  • Candidate show all the calculation very well and can state the correct unit
  • The diagram drawn is functional and labeled completely
  • Enriched vocabullary and proper English used in essays
  • Correct spelling


  • Candidate can understand facts and concepts in chemistry fairly
  • Explanations given are correct but sometimes too long causing the candidates lose mark
  • Candidate write answer for calculation without unit
  • The chemical equation unbalanced
  • The label of diagram is not complete
  • Moderate vocabulary with correct key words / terms used
  • Certain mistakes in spelling


  • Candidate can only understand basic chemistry at the lower level
  • The candidates do not understand what is being asked by the question. Therefore the answer is short, blur and the message conveyed is quite difficult to understand
  • The candidates left blank space for explanation question
  • Candidate can not write the chemical formula, chemical equation and calculation correctly
  • Candidate does not understand the chemical process involved
  • Candidate also weak in using correct term, correct grammar and limited vocabulary used


1. Read the question carefully to understand the task.
2. Should plan in writing the answer to make sure the answers are correct, accurate and precise including using the right terms.
3. Answer should contain accurate and precise facts in detail to avoid misunderstanding, wrong interpretation and doubt.
4. Must fully master all basic chemistry concepts especially the mole concept and periodic table of element.
5. Always do exercise in drawing correct diagram and label it completely
6. Understand when to use the formula and name
7. Write unit when doing calculation
8. Memorize chemical symbol in order to write balance equation
9. Can differentiate between atom, ion and molecule
10. Can differentiate between electrochemical series and reactivity series.
11. Use scientific term correctly, correct grammar and language in answering the question.


1. Teaching and learning must cover all chapters.
2. Give exercise right after teaching each topic to enhance learning.
3. Enhance teaching and learning by mastering chemistry concept especially mole concept.
4. Teach student how to draw correct diagram with complete labeling – not by asking the student to copy it from text book.
5. Always give student task with question at difference level of difficulty.
6. Guide student to understand task and on how to write good answers.
7. Expose students on how to write good essay
8. Teacher should ensure that the candidates understand the application that is being taught in everyday life because some of questions on application to daily life.
9. Always use correct and accurate terms and give accurate meaning of concept in teaching and learning.

10. Always encourage student to use correct grammar and language in answering question.

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