Monday, 27 October, 2008


  • Always write balanced equations for chemical reactions. This is one of the ways chemists communicate information. Make sure you use the right symbols and formulae in your equations.
  • Make sure that the equation you have written is correctly balanced. Wrongly balanced equations will cost you a mark each time. Ionic equations must have the same total charge on the left hand side and the right-hand side.
  • Check any calculations you have made at least twice, and make sure you know the difference between number of decimal places and number of significant figure. Give your answer to two or four decimal place.
  • Give complete colour changes. The test for an alkene is NOT that bromine turns colourless, but the colour change is from brown to colourless.
  • Try to give conditions for chemical reactions, e.g. aluminium oxide is heated strongly or concentrated sodium hydroxide solution is add to ...
  • In questions requiring extended writing, make sure you make enough good point and you don't miss out important points. Read the answer through and correct any spelling mistakes.
  • Learn the definations - these are easy marks in exams and they reward effort and good preparation.
  • Look carefully at the command worsd at the start of the sentence. Make sure you understan what is required when the word is State, Suggest, Describe, Explain etc.
  • For numerical calculations, always include units.
  • If the question asks for the name of a chemical, do not give a formula.
  • Use the Periodic Table and other formula and data that you are given.
  • When writing or drawing the structural formula of an organic compound make sure that each carbon forms four bonds and you have not missed off hydrogen atoms.


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